Manufacturing Stone for Your Home from Valparaiso, IN

Add style and value to any home with manufactured stone products. Turn to our reputable stone-home builders in Valparaiso, Indiana - North Star Stone, Inc. For more than 13 years, our company has been manufacturing and building with high-quality products that are as beautiful and enduring as natural stone.

Our styles and products are ideal for stone-home styles that you build for others or for yourself. We even offer manufactured-stone accessories with items, such as hearthstones, capstones, and address stones. Request a free estimate and consultation for the manufactured stone you need for your building project.

Realistic Stone Styles with Dozens of Options

Choose from dozens of styles of stone and brick in manufactured building products. We make fieldstone that is so realistic that is looks like it originated in a nearby field. Our charming cobblestone comes with plenty of texture and irregular shapes. The limestone we make is rustic and realistic.

Our gorgeous and durable products rival stone in beauty and longevity, but cost much less. We make it from Portland cement, with lightweight aggregates and iron oxide pigments. Since we make the products ourselves, we can customize the shape and color for the project you have in mind.

New Styles That We Offer
From traditional to contemporary, our stone styles are many and varied. Plus, we respond to customer demand by creating new styles. Our handsome and cost-effective selections include the following:

Mountain Ledge
Cut Lime
Mountain Ledge Quick-Fit
Rustic Quick-Fit
River Rock
Split-Face Block
Split-Face Granite
Used Brick
Wire-Cut Brick
Da Vinci Castle
Old Castle
Smooth Block

Our Team

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